Sunday, January 29, 2012

Another desk????

Hi my bloggy friends!  It's been awhile.  I planned to take some time over Christmas to reflect and that rolled into January and re-evaluating my priorities.  Here I am today with a new perspective on my mission as a wife and mother and how I can use my time to turn our home into a haven...that's why I started blogging right?  To keep me on task with projects and such.  That's still true I just need to make sure I always have it in the right order:

1) Quiet time developing a relationship with my Savior Jesus Christ.
2) Being a wife to my amazing hubby.
3) Always being intentional with the awesome kids God has entrusted to me.
4) Everything else.

Okay, there is a ton of "everything else" and I could probably write about that a lot more but you get the idea. 

I did do a little something besides reflecting in January.....

That's right another desk.  My mom hauled this to me from a garage sale in Salina.  It's a laminate student desk but the really cool part was the bookcase/cork board hutch that attached above it.  There's even a light above the cork board.

It had been well used and abused.  The previous owner really didn't like somebody named Sasha and used a marker to declare that all over the cork board.

Because it's laminate I put two coats of primer on it to make sure the paint would stick.

Then two coats of paint that were meant to be a soft gray.  The problem was it ended up being the same blue color of the primer!  I went round & round with the paint.  Adding black to make it more gray, paint a drawer, add more black, paint another drawer.  The desk and I played this game together for multiple coats of paint until I finally made a compromise.  Not as gray as I intended but no longer more blue than gray.  Lastly, two coats of poly because I really intend for my kids to use this for homework and play.  I also reused the hardware just spray painted them with a hammered nickel I had on hand.  Really updated their look.

I added some material to the back of the bookcase and a cut out above the hutch for character. 

 Then finally recorked the cork board.....we don't hate Sasha at our house!!  Abby likes to do homework here and even Aidan has claimed a drawer for his flash cards.

I'm blessed to have a mom who likes to "junk" as much as I do so she bought the desk for next to nothing.  I put in about $5.00 in material, $10.00 in cork board & $10.00 in paint supplies for a total of about $25.00 for this amazing desk!!