Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Window into Our Life

About this time last year I was at the farm picking through a trailer of goodies my parents had cleaned out of a shed when I came across some old window frames that had been salvaged from another farmhouse.  The glass/screen had been missing for years.  They were painted green but naturally distressed and weathered.  To many I'm sure they looked like what they were...old window frames but to me they became an interesting bulletin board.  Much to Bob's dismay (you'll hear this phrase a lot) I brought them home.  We started this project months ago but last week I finally finished it so I could blog about it!!  See it's working :)

Bob backed the window with some cardboard so I would have something to adhere the cork board to.  He also installed 4 anchors to the back so it could be hung...yes it's that heavy!  I purchased the cork board at Walmart for less than $10 (two packages of 4 squares)  Remember we started this before the idea of blogging occurred to me so there aren't many shots but this one was half way into the project.  Cardboard and anchors on...

I had to trim the cork board to make it fit but it only took about 10 minutes.  I recently bought magic in a can....okay it's adhesive but I'm obsessed and have used it on multiple things I'll tell you about later.  I sprayed the cardboard and cork board for good measure then sealed them together. 

Here's the final product hanging in my laundry room before I tacked up about 50 notes from school etc.  The best part is I have another one in the attic...perhaps another bulletinboard for the basement or something totally different??  What have you used for a fun bulletin board?

                                                  (sorry about the poor lighting in this photo,
                                                     still learning how to use my camera!)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Chapter

I'm starting a new chapter in my see my baby started kindergarten.  I'll be the first to admit I wasn't an emotional mess the morning he got on that yellow school bus and drove down the street.  That doesn't mean I didn't feel a little tug on my heartstrings but I knew he was ready.  Good news is he had a great morning that day and every morning since.

I've also had some great mornings... precious quiet time with my Heavenly Father,  running with friends, drinking lots of coffee and home DIY projects.  All the home projects lead me into another obsession THE HOME DECORATING BLOG.  I read about 25 of them (slight exaggeration but not much) almost everyday.  When I let myself I could spend hours pouring over the blogger's gorgeous homes, projects and visions for how to turn something pretty hideous into something AMAZING. 

A while ago after another session of blogger stalking I decided to get off the couch and finish up some of the home beautification projects I have around here.  Then I started thinking I could blog about it too...if I like to read about them so much while not take a stab at blogging about them as I go.  I'm not a designer or even close.  I'm not a journalist or graphic designer but I am a full time stay at home mom who loves making our home a place where my husband, kids, neighbors, family and friends can feel welcome.  That's exactly what this blog will be about, my attempts, hits & misses and adventures along the way of making our home a haven.  Much like Aidan that first day of kindergarten I'm going to charge ahead one project at a time and no looking back....