Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Joanie's Junk Part II

I'm back today with even more wonderfulness from Joanie's Junk.  How about I let the pictures speak for themselves?

I wish every window in my house looked like these.

Adorable tree for a small space or even front porch!

Perfect for an entry way.

Any of this in a vintage kitchen would be perfection.

(my mom took home the white washed rocking horse!)

A little twist on the traditional red and green.....

I'm a sucker for white dishes and couldn't get enough of this.

Okay one more of white dishes...

(Warned you I couldn't get enough of them!)

This is the kind of school where I could have been an A student. Yes, the wreath is made out of rolled maps!!

The lady, the legend....it's Joanie herself (the only picture of her I could snap was while she was talking to a customer)

Hope you enjoyed all of Joanie's work.  I'm really not getting paid to say any of this I just really love Joanie's shop and have dragged countless friends the hour+ drive just so they can take it all in for themselves.  I hear over and over that it's always worth the trip!  Of course, you have to remove the back seat in the van so you are limited to 4 friends per vehicle but we've had up to 3 vans at once! 

Now I'm dying to go back and soon...who's with me?

Joanie's Junk
Main Street
Morganville, KS
Open Saturdays 10:00-2:00

Monday, November 21, 2011

Joanie's Junk Part I

I got to spend the weekend in one of my favorite places....Clay County, KS.  I grew up there, my family is there and it will always be home.  I could go on and on about the beauty of the country, the quiet and slow pace of life I feel while visiting but this post is actually about my favorite place to shop when I'm home.  If you've read very many posts before I go on and on about Joanie's Junk so today you get to see photos and learn more about Joanie and her AMAZING shop!

Joanie specializes in rustic and refined home furnishings.  She buys furniture and really great junk at auctions, estate sales or any other place she can find potentially beautiful things.  She can take a piece of furniture, most would discard, and turn it into a piece that steals all the attention in your home.

She opened her first shop across from her current location in Morganville, KS seven years ago this month.  Five years ago she bought an old bank building and with the help of her husband Marc turned it into the awesomeness it is today.

This weekend she hosted a Christmas Open House and the place was so amazing.  Everywhere I looked there was a Christmas tree decorated in everything from ice skates to deer antlers.

Joanie had decked out the halls with ornaments, wreaths and lights.

She made this wreath out of sheet music....gorgeous!

Have I mentioned before how much I love black distressed furniture?  That obsession started at Joanie's.....

If I could have loaded up the minivan with all of the goodies I wanted Joanie would have had to keep the kids...sounds fair to me!

(yes, that is my van out the window)

Okay, here is the crazy part I have enough photos to do a whole other post on Joanie's tomorrow...that's how much is in her shop and truly beautiful it all is.  If you haven't already, visit Joanie's Junk on Facebook or even better make the trip out to Morganville, KS to check out her goods.  She is open on Saturdays from 10:00-2:00 however she will be closed this Saturday November 26th (she has a gorgeous family too that deserve some of her time)  Stay tuned for part II tomorrow! 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Desk is Done!

I have wanted to say this for a long time but....THE DESK IS DONE!  I'll apologize ahead of time for the length of this post but to say I'm happy is a major understatement!!

At the end of August Bob came home from work one evening and asked if I wanted an old desk one of his co-workers wanted to give away.  They were moving, didn't have room for it in their new home and just wanted someone to take it.  He explained it wasn't in brand new condition but was really heavy and REALLY large because it was a two person desk.  My junk instinct kicked in and I said YES, please bring it here!

A few days later Bob went and got it with the minivan.  It literally filled the entire back of it with all the seats removed.  Bob looked at me and shook his head but I just stood and drooled.

It was beautiful.  It had been well-used so lots of nicks and dings which in my opinion adds to the character.  The most amazing part was it really was a dual desk.  Built for office partners or something so that each had their own drawers and workspace but could look at each other all day long. 

If I had the talent or money I would have invested in restoring the piece to it's original glory but since I don't have either we quickly decided it would have to be painted.  I'm almost ashamed to admit there was a brief conversation about cutting it into two pieces but that craziness ended almost as fast as it started.  It's so unique and just not something everyone has in their home.

Bob did most of the sanding (because he's good at it and I was a little intimidated by the mere size of it to get started)

It got a good coat of oil based primer because we knew we would use it and it had to hold up, at least for awhile, to our family.  Flipping and maneuvering the monster was a challenge but after the first time we figured out how to grip, slide and lift it just right.

Again there was a lot of debate conversation about what color to paint it.  We tossed around white, black and even gray.  Finally settled on black satin.

I did most of the painting because let's face it that's the fun part.  I also sanded the drawers, filled in holes where we removed the original handles then sanded again.  Total learning experience for me but pretty rewarding to say I did it. 

Because of the condition of the desk it was natural to distress it after it was painted.  The already worn corners and nicks were apparent so why not highlight them a little more.  I started in with the sandpaper and as the black rubbed away the tinted gray primer started to show through.  I'll be totally up front with you...I hated it at first.  I was near tears thinking I had completely destroyed what was a beautiful piece of furniture.  The more level headed Bob looked at it and said he liked it, told me to walk away overnight and look again the next day.  The next morning I realized I too really liked the gray showing through the black.  It was kind of industrial looking and gave it even more depth.

We went with a nickel handle and I've got to say the handles are probably one of my favorite parts about how it turned out.  The silver and black combo makes it pretty enough for me and manly enough for Bob.

On October 30th (only 30 days after I said it would be in the basement) Bob and his friend moved it down the stairs into our basement office.  I don't know exactly how just the two of them did it with an appliance dolly since it's large, awkward and weighs over 200 pounds but they did it with it all in tact and no holes in the walls!!

It was a lot of work but we both really like it and the way it changed the whole feel of our office.  We took advantage of clearing the old desk out to also rearrange and hang some new things up on the walls.  The office before felt thrown together.  As usual there are still things to be done in here but for now I'm loving our office, new desk and being able to say IT'S DONE!

Friday, November 11, 2011

The On-going To Do List

Do any of you, like me, have a to do list that never seems to get done?  This week I actually walked around our house and wrote down things that need done in each room....after being totally overwhelmed by that list I decided to focus on the basement.  Then I was overwhelmed by that list so I decided to focus on the guest room just to get started again after hitting a little home DIY slump the past couple of weeks.

We finished the construction of this room a few months ago but it still needs some TLC. It's livable, even functional but not quite done.  This is where I usually hit a wall.... right before the finish line.  It needs lamps, more bedding and just a few items to make it unique.  Here's a little peak at what I'm determined to finish up this weekend.

Bought these shutters for $3 at an estate sale.  So far I have painted but resisted distressing...we'll see if I last the weekend without sandpaper. Hoping to add some fun pulls and hang on the wall as "art".

My mom bought the tray at a yard sale and gave it to me over a year ago.  Yep, it hung around long enough to get painted this week.  Adding it to my suitcase nightstand with one of the "new" lamps.  Really like the material I picked up at Hancock Fabric for new lampshades.  Also trying out self -adhesive lamps shades for the first time.  So far so good.  No adhesive spray and comes with a template...that alone is worth a few extra bucks!!

All this along with finishing up some things in the office have created a pretty long to do list for the weekend but first I get to go celebrate a birthday with a brand new 7 year-old!

Happy Birthday Julia!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat & All that Fun Stuff

Hola! I'm back.  I went MIA last week because our whole family got to serve in an AMAZING ministry at church called Judgement House.  It's a walk through drama that takes the participants through scenes depicting the gift that God gave us all through His Son Jesus and the consequences of rejecting that gift.  In two weeks over 6,000 people walked through Judgement House and over 2,000 made decisions to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior!  To say that our family was blessed to serve this way is an understatement. 

Between all the time we spent at church last weekend we were able to squeeze in a little more pumpkin fun.  Abby wanted to do something crafty Saturday so we broke out some spray paint, craft paint and did up a couple more pumpkins.

Cute right?  Abby made the polka dots all by herself and used spray paint for the first time....makes a mother proud!

This one we just spray painted and pinned a trick or treat ribbon around.  Simple but fun.

We even broke out some chalk paint....okay I was using it for another project but who says you can't chalk paint a pumpkin.

Aidan didn't get in on any of the pumpkin fun because he was busy saving us from all kinds of bad guys out to get us.  Every home needs a GOOD ninja!

Hope you all had a Great Halloween and are eating just as much of your kiddos candy as I am!!